SGC1-F Series AC Contactor

SGC1-F Series AC Contactor

SGC1-F series AC contactor, mainly used in AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated working voltage to 1000V, rated working current to 800A, for remote connection and disconnection of circuit, and can be combined with appropriate thermal overload relay or electronic protector and other related protection devices into vacuum electromagnetic starter, especially suitable for the composition of flameproof vacuum electromagnetic starter. Widely used in mining, smelting, oil exploitation, warehouse storage, chemical industry, military, textile, construction and other flammable and explosive or harsh environment places.

Brief Specification



Electric ratings:Up to 800A,1000V

Operation range    Pick-up voltage:(85%~110%) Uc

                              Drop-out voltage:(20%~75%) Uc

Rated insulation voltage Ui(V):1000

Rated impluse withstand voltage Uimp(kV):8

Utilization category:AC-3,AC-4





Features & Benefits...

The structure is optimized and compatible with other industrial contacts.


Material optimization, with excellent ability to withstand abnormal heat.

Auxiliary function modules are abundant and can be combined at will.

Competent for harsh application environment, more durable.









  • Accessories can be added to the front and side.
  • Side-mounted interface
  • IP20 shell
  • Standard 35mm DIN rail mounting
  • Highly Recognizable Appearance
  • Thermoset Insulation Shell


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SGC1-F Please refer to our latest catalog for full series information.

SGC1-F  Please refer to our latest catalog for full series information.

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