EPTF-8 Series Transformer

EPTF-8 Series Transformer

It is suitable for circuits with a rated voltage of 230V and a rated frequency of 50/60Hz, providing a safe low-voltage power supply for the matching doorbell.

Brief Specification

Input voltage230VAC  50/60Hz

Output voltage4,6,8,12,16,24V

Rated power output8VA


InstallationOn symmetrical DIN rail

         Panel mounting



Features & Benefits...

Safe electrical isolation of primary circuit and secondary circuit.

Low temperature rise and high output accuracy.

The extra overload capacity within 24 hours is up to 25%.

Stable performance.

Support customization according to customer requirements.






  • Small Volume
  • Neat Appearance
  • Clear Parameters
  • Flame Retardant Material Shell
  • 35mm DIN rail installation
  • Easy for Installation

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