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Brave the wind and the waves: we are here in exhibition ELEKTRO

30th international exhibition for electrical equipment for power and electrical engineering will be holding from June6 to 9 on Moscow. Elektro is one of the largest professional power electronics exhibitions in Eastern Europe. It is organized by Russia International Exhibition Center (EXPOCENTR) and of great effect on eastern Europe, means a critical opportunity for those electrical industry who plan to expend oversea market.


Warm up! 2022 Spring Canton Fair | See you online~

The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was founded in the spring of 1957 and is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. It is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete variety of commodities, the largest number of merchants and the best transaction effect in China.


MAXGE will participate in “MEE 2022”

MAXGE will participate in the 2022 Middle East Energy Dubai Exhibition from March 7th to 9th, 2022. “Middle East Energy Dubai” is the largest international exhibition of power and energy industry in the world. it has a grand scale and the reputation of “one of the five major industrial activities in the world". The high-tech products and technologies and the latest research results exhibited at the exhibition represent the development direction of the world power industry. The MEE exhibition started in 1975 and is held every year.


Maxge Electric will participate in the 130th Canton Fair and look forward to meeting you

The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held between October 15 and November 3 in an online and offline merged format. The Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, and the greatest business turnover in China. This year’s expo will serve for a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and foreign circulation complementing each other.