MGW6-2000 Air Circuit Breaker

MGW6-2000 Air Circuit Breaker

MGW6 series is widely used in power supply and high-end office buildings, commercial complexes, residential buildings, hotels and other civil buildings. Its intelligent and communicative functions can provide support and assistance for the construction of more intelligent, efficient and green,smart electricity.

Brief Specification

    Frame Size:2000


  Rated current(A) In:630,800,1000,1250,1600,2000

Rated operational voltage Ue (V)400-690V 

Rated insulation voltage Ui (V)1000

Rated impluse withstand voltage Uimp (kV)12

Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity Icu(kA)80

Rated service short-circuit breaking capacity Ics(kA)65

Rated short-time withstand current Icw(kA-1 s):50/65




Features & Benefits...

An Air circuit breaker integrating high breaking capacity, zero arcing and a variety of intelligent protection functions fully meets the requirements of customers for different currents, different breaking capacity, different wiring, different sizes in all respects.

Optional fixed type and draw-out type.

Improve the structure of the arc-extinguishing chamber and the way of generating of arc assisted by the moving contact.

Remote communication function.






  • Multiple intelligent controller panels are available
  • Opening and closing button
  • Opening and closing indicator
  • Energy storage/release indicator
  • Secondary wiring terminal
  • Horizontal connection&vertical connection

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MGW6 ACB Please refer to our latest catalog for full series information.

MGW6 ACB  Please refer to our latest catalog for full series information.

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