Terminal products

Final Distribution Products

It is suitable for final distribution lines to control, distribute and protect electricity and ensure safe and efficient power supply.

These products are widely used in various buildings, industrial facilities, energy systems and infrastructure to meet power needs and ensure the normal operation of power systems.

Industrial Products

Products used to monitor, control and manage production processes in industrial production. It is usually used in various industrial fields, such as manufacturing, energy industry, transportation, water conservancy engineering, etc., and plays a vital role in automated production and process control.

Terminal products
Terminal products


It is suitable for the field of new energy and can convert the DC power generated by new energy into AC power, which can improve the reliability of the power generation system, protect the circuit and facilitate maintenance.

Charging Station

Charging device that provides energy supplement for electric vehicles. It can be fixed on the ground or wall and installed in parking lots or charging stations in public buildings and residential areas. Various models of electric vehicles can be charged according to different voltage levels.

Terminal products

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