SGR2-D23 Series Thermal Relay

SGR2-D23 Series Thermal Relay

Thermal relay is a protective device used for overload protection of motors or other electrical equipment and electrical circuit.

Brief Specification



Tripping class:10A

Rated insulation voltage Ui(V):690/1000

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(kV):6/8

Signalling:Trip indicator

Tightening torque(N.m):0.8





Features & Benefits...

1.Electrically separated 1N/O plus 1N/C contact.
2.Temperature compensation designwhich can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature change of the use environment to improve product reliability.
3.Manual and automatic reset button.
Continuously readjustable current settings.

5.It is easy to install and can be plugged directly under the contactor.





  • Small Volume
  • Three-phase Bimetal
  • Tripping Indicator
  • Setting current range adjustment
  • Test button
  • Stop button


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