SGDBi-F Series Distribution Box

SGDBi-F Series Distribution Box

Through in-depth understanding of different market demands, MAXGE introduces a brand new series of Distribution Boxes. According to two different installation methods, it is divided into two types: SGDBi-S (surface type) and SGDBi-F (flush type).Among them, SGDBi-F series is divided into three types according to the material of the base and cover, so as to meet different market demands.The design fully considers the needs of installers, which greatly improves the convenience, flexibility and safety of the product. Comply with IEC-60439-3 standard.With complete functions, simple appearance and innovation,our MAXGE Distribution Box series can be widely used in high-rise buildings, residences, stations, ports, airports, hospitals, theaters, large commercial areas, industrial and mining enterprises and other places.

Brief Specification


Modules   (No.): 6,8,12,18,24,36,54

Row:  1 row for 6,8,12,18 modules

           2 rows for 24,36 modules

           3 rows for 54 modules

Rated current ln(A): 63,100,125

Mounting type: Flush

Material: PS or ABS for body, PC for door;  Iron   





Features & Benefits...


The optimized structural design ensures that the mechanical opening and closing angle of the distribution box is reasonable, the box can be installed and disassembled flexibly, and the internal space is large enough to place the breakers you need. The protection level of IP30 effectively prevents the entry of foreign objects and the accumulation of dust.





  • Neat Appearance
  • 90°Opening and Closing Angle
  • Flame Retardant Material
  • Variable Knockout Sizes
  • Strictly 35MM DIN rail Installation
  • Standard Screw Holes


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SGDBi-S/F Download certificates of the item

SGDBi-S/F Download certificates of the item

SGDBi-S/F Please refer to our latest catalog for full series information.

SGDBi-S/F  Please refer to our latest catalog for full series information.

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