EPS1 Series Surge Protective Device

EPS1 Series Surge Protective Device

EPS1 series surge protective device is designed and produced according to IEC 61643-11:2011, suitable for TT, TN and other power supply systems, to prevent all kinds of electronic and electrical equipment from being damaged by lightning strikes and overvoltage.Under normal circumstances, the surge protective device is in a high-impedance state.When the power grid has a surge overvoltage due to lightning strikes or other reasons,the protector will be turned on immediately in nanoseconds, lead the surge overvoltage into the ground, thus protecting the electrical equipment on the grid. When the overvoltage disappears, the protector returns to the high-impedance state, so as not to affect the normal operation of the power grid and equipment.

Brief Specification


Number of poles2P

Maximum continuous Operating voltage Uc(V~)275 V

Nominal Discharge Current (Type 2) In20 KA

Max Discharge Current (Type 2) Imax40 KA

Protection level  Up(KV)1.5 KV



Features & Benefits...

Response time below 25 ns.

Maximum continuous operating voltage 275-440V.

Built-in thermal protection.

With power status indication, indicating the working status of the SPD.

TT/TN Ground systems can be selected.






  • Neat Appearance
  • Modularization Design
  • Invalidation Indicating Window
  • Strictly 35MM DIN rail Installation
  • PIN Type bus-bar interface
  • Sealed Terminal Block

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