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A Zero Distance Between MAXGE ELECTRIC and AI

Author: MAXGE     Publish Time: 2019-05-23      Origin: Site

“There will be only two kinds of enterprises in the future, artificial intelligent  and unprofitable.”——TCS 《2017 Annual Report of Global Trend》


Today, as an ordinary worker, how far is it from artificial intelligence?

Last night, Mr.Zhang saw an American movie called “Western World” when he  could only touch the artificial intelligence by artistic imagination.In the morning, Mr.Zhang browsed news on the way to work and saw a variety of information about AlphaGo. Now the distance between him and the artificial intelligence is just as the one between news and life.

As a warehouse keeper working for 10 years in MAXGE ELECTRIC, he found that everything in the warehouse was placed in an updated position. In the evening, he also found it very smooth and easy to move goods today, the workload of which was equal to that of the past half-day. At this time, artificial intelligence has affected his work and become his vital colleague and partner that he can't even see or touch.

Cases above are not far away, and it is just happening today. In the field of AIfor enterprise service, there are cases that it has helped enterprises achieve the warehousing system optimization by a deep calculation. Results shows that after the optimization, the warehousekeeper walks from 30,000 steps reduced to 20,000 steps and working efficiency is improved by 30%.


Artificial intelligence also has happened to Mr. Zhang’s wife, Mrs. Wu, who is engaged in production management for 10 years in MAXGE Electric. She is responsible for orders management every day. Tracking the orders becomes her top priority, taking up two-thirds of her working time.However, today when coming to the office, she found a new AI smart module, ERP system, through which she just needs to knock the keyboard at the seat for production  management, as well as her assistant, who just stops calling and urging the human resources for recruit.

This may indicates that the distance between artificial intelligence and people is infinitely close to zero.


The annual report global trends from a world-renowned consulting firm,TCS, reveals that 84% ofthe enterprises surveyed around the world regard artificial intelligence as a key element of competitiveness?

1. Production Efficiency Optimization

Artificial intelligence entering the enterprise is to optimize the data structure by  understanding the enterprise data, and work out the reasonable manufacturing model by intelligent calculating. Therefore, the efficiency ofintelligent artificial  is more greatly improved than that of manual judgement.

For example, in the case of sample testing, in the past, MAXGE Electric was always mainly relied on manual inspection and experience judgment,which led to higher mistake and lower efficiency due to the manual technical ability and lack of the talent. However, in the era of intelligence, MAXGE Electric accurately judges theequipment and products through image recognition and automatic correction system, which has greatly improved its efficiency.

2. Costs Reduction

 By the artificial intelligence technology, the enterprise can not only improve the product qualification rate, reduce labor costs, but also canincrease the production safety. What’s more, It is also available to improve the quality of manual by the tool of artificial intelligence and reduce the costs on many aspects of the enterprise.

For example, for the Finance department of MAXGE, filling all kinds of invoices is quite essential. However,traditional manual filing is very labor intensive and easy to make mistakes. MAXGE,with the intelligent OCR system, can quickly convert the invoice document into an electronic version, which has saved a lot oflabor time and cost for efficiency improvement.

In addition, artificial intelligence can also contribute to reducing social costs and improving social efficiency and ecological environment. In the process of product testing, the constant temperature of the testing room is an important factor for inspection. Through the artificial intelligence technology, it can precisely adjust the heating of the testing room according to the indoor and outdoor temperature, and finally achieve that the power consumption could be reduced by 10% under the condition of 30℃ in the room. It is a big advancement of temperature adjustment compared to the traditional manual operation.

From “Concept" to "Application": MAXGE has an access to it.

It should be noted that in the process of artificial intelligence moving from concept to reality, it is still not clear how to apply the concept to the industry. Many enterprises have invested a lot of resources to build artificial intelligence, but the results are not so satisfactory.


In such a fast updated trend, when faced with the clear future and difficulties as well, MAXGE is entering the intelligent world by several appropriate ways.

1、 Get a quick access to artificial intelligence through cloud service.

2、 looking for mature intelligent solutions.

3、 Improve the intelligence by academic advantages.

It will become one of the main themes in the next long time for MAXGE from intelligence concept to practical application.


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