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MAXGE Electric provides the newest solutions for the low-voltage distribution system

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-24      Origin: Site

The low-voltage distribution system consists of distribution substation, high-voltage distribution lines, 

distribution transformers, low-voltage distribution lines, corresponding control and protection equipment. 

Traditionally, we often divide the power system into three major components: power generation, power transmission, and power distribution. 

That is, the electric energy generated by the power generation system is transmitted through the power transmission system,

 and finally distributed to each user by the power distribution system.

As the last link of the power system, the power distribution system directly faces the end users, 

and its perfection directly affects the reliability and quality of power consumption of the majority of users, 

so it has an important position in the power system.

According to the load type, capacity, and area of the power supply network at the user side, 

different power supply methods can be adopted for the power supply at the user end. 

There are mainly the following three types:


Single power supply

Single power supply 

If the user has no load above level 3

It can be powered by a single power supply, which is more economical.

However, the reliability of power supply is not high. Once the power supply loses power, it will cause all power outages.

It is suitable for users who have low requirements on power supply reliability.


Dual power supply

Dual power supply 

The user needs to use dual power supply when the load is level two and above.

The dual power supply design should be taken from different power supplies,

When one power supply is overhauled or fails, the other power supply should be able to supply power normally.

And it can meet the power consumption of all loads above level 3.

When using one main and one standby dual power supply, the bus can be connected with a single bus section.

Set up an automatic standby power input device at the bus tie breaker,

Once the main power source loses power, it can be switched to the standby power source instantaneously.

This kind of power supply is suitable for production enterprises or units whose interruption of power supply may cause large economic losses.


Dual power supply with self-provided power supply

Dual power supply with self-provided power supply 

There is a very important load in the user load, and the power supply is interrupted for a certain period of time

When it may cause life-threatening situations such as explosion, poisoning, suffocation, etc.

In addition to dual power supply,

Should also configure an independent self-provided emergency power supply as a separate emergency power supply system,

The emergency power source can be a diesel generator or a battery according to the response time requirements.

This power distribution method is suitable for emergency lighting, fire protection and

An enterprise or unit whose power outage may endanger lives.


With the rapid development of modern industrial technology,

People have higher and higher requirements for the operational reliability and intelligent management of low-voltage power distribution systems.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of low-voltage power distribution products, Maxge Electric can provide corresponding high-quality products for various application fields of low-voltage power distribution systems.


Home low-voltage power distribution applications

Home low-voltage power distribution applications


Assemble the circuit breaker and other auxiliary equipment in the distribution box according to the electrical wiring requirements,

Form a low-voltage power distribution device.

The circuit can be connected or disconnected during normal operation, and the circuit can be disconnected during fault or abnormal operation.


Maxge Electric Home/Energy Solutions

Maxge Electric HomeEnergy Solutions 

Medical low-voltage power distribution applications

Medical low-voltage power distribution applications


With the rapid development of electronic technology, modern medical treatment is increasingly dependent on electronic equipment.

For example, there are a lot of equipment in the operating room.

Once a leakage short circuit occurs, it is easy to cause medical accidents.

Therefore, the power distribution in the operating room of the hospital is different from other lines in the whole hospital. It has emergency equipment.

The power consumption of imaging equipment is relatively large,

And once the power is cut and restarted, it will affect the normal operation.

Therefore, these two places are important links in the electrical equipment line of the hospital.


Bank low voltage power distribution application

Bank low voltage power distribution application


With the construction of a large data centralized system,

Bank data centers have increasingly higher requirements for the reliability of power supply and distribution systems.

The industry generally adopts a dual power uninterrupted power supply system architecture with backup diesel generators.

In order to ensure the rapid recovery of the power supply in the case of power failure,

Both high and low voltage and backup diesel generators are equipped with standby switching devices with manual and automatic functions,

Realize optimized resource allocation, safe and efficient operation and maintenance.


Maxge Medical/Bank Power Distribution Solution

Maxge MedicalBank Power Distribution Solution 

Building low-voltage power distribution applications

Building low-voltage power distribution applications


When the power distribution fails, the fault can be removed in a relatively fast time,

Protect equipment and reduce the scope of power outages;


For the part where the failure occurs, it can assist the operator to analyze the cause of the failure,

Quickly find and eliminate faults, and minimize the power outage time;

For occasions with backup power or backup equipment, it can be

Selective automatic use of backup power or equipment to improve the reliability of system power supply.


Maxge Smart Building Power Distribution Solution

Maxge Smart Building Power Distribution Solution


Low-voltage power distribution accessory products manufactured by Maxge Electric,

Improve the reliability of power supply by uninterrupted protection of the user's power distribution network and electrical equipment

And the automation level of the power supply and distribution system to achieve a reliable and stable low-voltage power supply and distribution system.

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