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SGM3EL-125/250/400/800CY MCCB

• MAXGE molded case reclosing circuit breaker integrates multiple functions such as overload protection, short circuit protection, residual current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, phase failure protection, automatic reclosing, etc., and displays the current opening and closing status through the LCD screen. , rated residual current, three-phase working voltage and working current and other parameters

Technical Data

 Specification  Type  SGM3EL- 125CY SGM3EL- 250CY  SGM3EL- 400CY  SGM3EL- 800CY
 Case Current 125 250 400 800
 Poles 3P+N 3P+N,2P 3P+N 3P+N
 Rated Voltage (V) AC 400/50Hz AC 400/50Hz
 Rated Insulation Voltage    Ui(V)  AC 1000V  AC 1000V
 Rated Withstand Volitage   Uimp(V) 8000 8000
 Arc Distance (mm)  ≥50 ≥100
 Rated short circuit breaking capacity (lcn) 50 65
 Operation short circuit breaking capacity (lcs) 35 42
 Rated Residual Short Circuit Connect (Break) capacity   lAm(KA) 12.5 20
 Residual Current trip characteristics AC type AC type
 Rated Residual Trip Current      l△n(mA)


Auto trace or manual setup



Auto trace or manual setup


 Residual Trip Time Characteristics     Time Delay / Non Time Delay

 Time Delay Limit Un-Drive Time    (S)  0.06/0.1/0.2    Select: 2lan

 Breaking Time  (S)   lAn≤0.5;2lAn≤0.2;5lAn≤0.15

 Auto Reclose Time   (S)  20-60

 Operation characteriscs   (times) Power On 1500 1000 1000 1000
Power Off 8500 70000 4000 4000
Total Trips 10000 8000 5000 5000
 Overload short circuit characteristics  Three steps proection,electronic adjust,see more on "protection characteristics lnstruction"
 Over Voltage Value  (V)  Setup Value  (200-300)±5%
 Under Voltage Value   (V)  Setup Value  (150-200)±5%
 Connect Control Time   (ms)  ≤40ms
 Communication Delay Time   (ms)  ≤200ms


Product Diagram


SGM3EL-125/250/400/800CY MCCB




SGM3EL-125/250/400/800CY MCCB