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• MCCB WITH ELCB TYPE is one of the new type earth leakage breakers which have been developed by the company using international advanced design and manufacturing technology. Suitable for a line of AC50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage up to 400V, rated current 16A to 630A. and is acted as infrequent changeover of circuit or infrequent starting of motor. • The breaker has overload, short-circuit and under-voltage protective function, which can protect the circuit and the power equipment against damage, meanwhile, it can provide protection to these fire dangers that caused by these long-time existed grounding fault that can not be detected by the over-current protection. • This breaker can be installed vertically(upright) or horizontally(transverse). • Wiring of the breaker can not be in adverse direction, that means power supply line must be connected to terminal 1,3 and 5,and the load line connected to terminal 2,4 and 6.

Product Description


 Frame Size  800  Rated impluse withstand voltage Uimp (kV)  8


 Breaking capacity level   L  M  H
 Number of poles  3,4  Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity lcu(kA)  50  65  100
 Rated current(A) In


 Rated service short-circuit breaking capacity lcs(kA)  35  42  65



 Mechanical Endurance

 Electrical Endurance




 Without time delay  0.04  With time delay 0.4/1

 Rated residual

 operating current l△n(mA)

 Without time delay


 Rated residual non-operating current  1/2 l△n
 With time delay  300/500/1000  Breaking time at a residula current   10l△n
 Rated insulation voltage Ui (V)  800


 mm(L*W* H)





SGM1L-800 Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Current Limiting Charateristic

SGM1L-800 Molded Case Circuit Breaker

MCCB Accessories

SGM1L-800 Molded Case Circuit Breaker



SGM1L-800 Molded Case Circuit Breaker


Overall and mounting dimensions

SGM1L-800 Molded Case Circuit Breaker