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SGDB2 Series Distribution Box

• The lighting distribution box is a basic power distribution device that combines the residual current action protector and the air circuit breaker in a reasonable combination, thereby realizing centralized control of the home power supply, and protection functions such as grounding, overload, and short circuit. • There are also busbars with protective grounding wires and neutral wires in the interior to facilitate wiring of various low-voltage power distribution systems (TT, TN, IT systems). • Lighting distribution boxes are widely used in various buildings, plazas, stations, industrial and mining enterprises, etc., as terminal electrical equipment for power distribution systems.

Product Description



 IEC 60439-3  Mounting type  Surface
 Approvals  CE  Degree of Protection  IP30 distribution box
 Modules(No.)  4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,22  Fire resistence  650℃/30s

 Single row for   4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,22 modules


 Rated   voltage In(A)


 Ambient air   temperature(℃)  -5 to +40,max.95% humidity
Material Q195 cold-rolled steel plate box



 Storage temperature(℃)



Opening and closing  130℃ 



01. Plastic Base  02. lron Support 03.Terminal Block Support                                  
04. Brass Terminal Block                                                     05. Din Rail 06.Plastic Front Cover
07. PC Window 08.Plastic Screw                                                                     09.Plastic Cover Lock
10. Level  11.Knock out 12.Din Rail Screw



SGDB2 Series Distribution Box


Overall and mounting dimensions

SGDB2 Series Distribution Box