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SGCK Series Limit Switches

The switches are applicable to AC control circuits of 50 to 60Hz,with a voltage up to 500V or DC control circuits with a voltage up to 250V ,and a current up to 15A to convert a mechanical signal into an electrical signal for the purpose of controlling mechancial movement or performing sequential control.

Technical Data

Standard IEC60947-1; IEC60947-5-1 Ambient temperature(°C) -5-+65 (With no icing)
Operation speed 0.5mm-50cm/sec Humidity <95% RH
Operating frequency Mechanical:120/m Electical:30 /m Weight About 130 to 190g
Contact resistance 25mO max. (initial value) Mechanical life 10,000,000 operations above
Insulation resistance 100mO min. (below 500VDC) Electrical life 500,000 operations above
Vibration 10-55Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude Degree of protection IP65


Product Diagram

SGCK Series Limit Switches


SGCK Series Limit Switches