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SGC1-K/EC Series Mini Contactor

AC contactors are used in connecting/disconnecting the line and frequently controlling motors and other equipment.It controls the large current with small current and plays a certain role in overload protection when working with the thermal relay.

Technical Data

Standard  IEC609 47 -4-1 Rated frequency(Hz)  50/60
Electric ratings Up to 12A(SGC1-K Series), 690 V Utilization category  AC-3,AC-4
Approvals  CE Degree of protection  IP 20
Pick-up voltage  (85%-110%)Uc Ambient air temperature(°C)  -5 to+40, max.95%humidity
Pick-out voltage  (20%-75%)Uc Storage temperature(°C)  -40 - +75
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V)  690 Maximum operating altitude (meters) ≤2000
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(kA) 6 Flame resistance  V1


Product Diagram

SGC1-K/EC Series Mini Contactor



SGC1-K/EC Series Mini Contactor