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SGB-125H Series Hight Rated Miniature Circuit Breaker

• 1.High rated short-circuit breaking capacity up to 10000A on EN / IEC60947-2 standard. • 2.Service life of product has been greatly enhanced through special designed tripping mechanism. • 3.Long-time and reliable operation. • 4.Enclosure and functional parts made from imported plastics with flame-retardant, heat-resistant, and impulse-proof properties. • 5.Compact and modularized design. • 6.Convenient mounting. • 7.A wide range of RCD and RCBO. • 8.Full sets of additional components and full sets of accessories.

Technical Data


Standard EN/ IEC60898-1, EN/ IEC60947-2
Breaking capacity 6kA,10kA
Protection Against overload and short circuit
Rated current In 32, 40, 50, 63,80, 100, 125A
Rated voltage 1 pole 240V AC 50/60Hz
2,3,4pole 415V AC 50/60Hz
Characteristic                                           IEC60898-1          IEC60947-2
Thermal operating limit:   (1.13-1.45)xIn       (1.05-1.30)xIn
Magnetic operating:         B: (3-5)xIn             (8-12)xIn
                                          C: (5-10)xIn
                                          D: (10-20)xIn
Number of poles 1P,2P,3P,4P
Type of trip Thermal / magnetic release
Type of terminal Pin type
Terminal capacity Flexible cables: 1.5 to 35mm²
Rigid cables: 1 to 50mm²
Installation Mounting on 35mm DIN rail
Width 27mm per pole


3MCB 使用SGB-125H