MAXGE DL7NL RCBO Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker

DL7NL series (Electronic)

Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker (RCBO)       



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EN/IEC   61009-1

Breaking   capacity

6kA  10kA

Number of   poles


Rated   current In


Rated   voltage


Rated   Tripping Current


Residual   current off time

≤0.1s rcbo



Electrical   endurance


Mechanical   endurance


Rated   impulse withstand voltage Uimp


Ambient   tenperature


Connection   terminal

Flexible   conductor 16mm²

Rigid   conductor 25mm²


DL7NL 17.8mm

Type of   terminal

Lug type   and Pin type


This series of RCCB is mainly suitable for AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage 230V/400V and below, rated current up to 80A. It is applied in household and similar places where there’s no relations between motion performance and the line voltage to protect people from electric shock and indirect contact. when the current exceeds the specified value, it can protect people and the electrical equipment.Under normal circumstances can it be also used as an infrequent operating conversion of the line.



1.Thermal trip and Electronic trip

2.Two connection modes: By Cables and Busbars for more firmness

3.Ventilating design for quicker cooling and stability.

4.Stickers available under transparent protective cover for rooms recognition


1.Thermosetting and anti-flaming shell for carbonization when fired

2.Optional multiple tripping currents; A quick trip within 0.04s

3.Protection degree: IP20---To guarantee a safe and reliable connection.

4.Stain-resistance:  Level Ⅲ---To prevent dust and conductive pollution.


1. Make productions strictly in accordance with ISO14001 requirements.

2. All spare parts do not contain harmful elements such as heavy metals and halogens.

3. Low energy consumption and significant energy conservation

4. Improve the production and ecological environment and economize equipment maintenance


1.Latest micro-electric transmission technology to achieve controllable operations

2.Digitalization and informatization management by Internet of Things

3.Remote monitoring and controlling on circuit breakers.




MAXGE has a 30,000 square meters factory that integrates design, research, production and international business.

The intelligent factory guarantees a faster production cycle and a more competitive price on the basis of high quality.


MAXGE has a laboratory of over 1000 square meters with an investment of nearly 5.5 million yuan, and will get CNAS Certification soon.


With a team of more than 30 QA engineers and other technical members, products will get through a strict inspection process from the beginning spare parts to the finished packages.


MAXGE offers OEM、ODM、 SKD、CKD, and have partnered with many international renowned corporations.

MAXGE has the best service guarantee in the industry, arranges global logistics and distribution, and provides one-stop solutions.


It runs in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001. The workshop strictly implements 6s standard for daily management.

MAXGE has got CE, CB, KEMA, ASTA, TUV, SEMKO and other international certifications.


MAXGE has exported to more than 50 countries and regions including UK, France, Saudi Arabia and South America.

MAXGE, as a qualified exhibitor, participates in international exhibitions every year, such as the Middle East International Power Exhibition (MEE), Frankfurt Light Exhibition and other international large-scale exhibitions. 


 1. What are the conditions to be the agent of MAXGE? 

The first year sales 500,000 US dollars and increase by 15% annually.


2. What documents should be signed?

Sign the sales agreement every three years to become the only sales agency for our brand in the country.


3. What's the delivery time?

It will be delivered within 4-6 weeks after placing an order.


4. How long is the warranty period for each product?

Five-year warranty (Low-voltage products only)


5. The shipment terms



6. The payment terms


2、TT 30% deposit in advance,70% balance be paid against the copy of B/L.


7. How to deliver by DHL and other express?

After receiving the full payment, it will be delivered by international express such as DHL.


8. What is the MOQ of trading?

1. Sample order has no MOQ requirements.

2.Ordered products must be packed in full carton(Less than one carton is not suggested)


9. How to get a discount?

There will be discount according to big quantity order(Confirm with the sales manager).


10.What kind of orders received by MAXGE?

OEM,ODM, SKD, CKD and those with special requirements.


11. Can MAXGE assistant in the bid?

We can participate in the production of tenders and provide technical parameters of related products. (MAXGE must be included in the joint bidding company)


12. Can MAXGE provide samples for free?

We can provide samples for free, but the sample amount must not exceed the company's specified range. The freight cost should be paid by clients except for special cases.


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