MAXGE ATS100 Automatic Transfer Switch

ATS4 series
Automatic Transfer Switch

Mccb breaker

Mccb electrical      


IEC 60947-1
IEC 60948-61(1998)
IEC 947.2

rated frequency

AC 50/60Hz

rated voltage

below 415V

rated current

below 2000A

air temperature

﹣10℃ ~40℃

class of pollution


installation sites


rated working circuit breaker

ongoing working

over voltage switch-voltage figure


operation time delay

0.5~30s continuing adjust

return time delay

0.5~30s continuing adjust

distribution box

1.It is applied to power enterprises, such as factories, power bureaus, substations, etc.

2.A wide range of applications, such as AC contactor, thermal relay, motor protector, etc.

3.Wide voltage operation, high reliability and long mechanical life

4.can be designed according to the requirements of the customer, optimize the product

Circuit breaker

Main products:low-voltage household series、industrial products series、solar photovoltaic series.

Design team :There are more than 50 senior engineers and technicians in MAXGE’s research and development team.

Manufacturing management :Capable of assembling and assembling all automatic production lines and greatly improving the delivery time.

ISO-9001 Production system certification

ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification  circuit breaker

OHSAS 18001 Occupational safety and health management system

Mccb manufacturer

Had passed CE, KEMA, TUV,  SEMKO and other international certifications.

Order type

Bulk orders.

Modify and optimize the design according to the customer's drawings.

Physical samples can be provided.

We can accept on-site inspection at any time.

power breaker

MAXGE, a self-owned brand spread theirs sales and are well received in over 60 countries and regions such as Europe

At the same time, MAXGE provides OEM, ODM products for a number of internationally renowned electrical brands.

Cooperate with local powerful distributors.

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Mccb electrical

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