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Maxge Electric provide power distribution solution for solar photovoltaic systems

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-28      Origin:Site

With the rapid development of the global economy and human progress,

put forward higher and higher requirements for energy,

The development of new energy has become an urgent issue facing mankind.

New energy must meet two conditions at the same time:

One is rich in reserves and will not be exhausted;

The second is safe, clean, and will not threaten humans and damage the environment.

At present, the main new energy sources are: solar energy, wind energy, etc.

solar photovoltaic power system a 

The sun shining on the earth has a huge energy,

About 40 minutes of exposure to the earth is enough for all mankind’s energy consumption for a year.

It is an ideal energy with a wide range of applications and a bright future.


Solar photovoltaic (Photovoltaic):

It is the abbreviation of solar photovoltaic power system (Solar power system),

It is a photovoltaic effect that uses the semiconductor materials of solar cells,

A new type of power generation system that directly converts solar radiation energy into electrical energy,

There are two modes of independent operation and grid-connected operation.

solar photovoltaic power system 

At the same time, solar photovoltaic power generation systems are divided into the following two types:

One is centralized, such as large ground photovoltaic power generation system;

The other is distributed (with >6MW as the boundary),

Such as industrial and commercial enterprise factory roof photovoltaic power generation system, residential roof photovoltaic power generation system.


Since countries have been actively promoting the application of renewable energy in recent years,

The photovoltaic industry is developing very rapidly.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of photovoltaic power distribution products, Maxge Electric’ products are widely used in residential, commercial and ground photovoltaic power generation systems, could fully meet multi-level needs.


Basic principles of centralized:

Make full use of the rich and stable solar energy resources in desert areas to build large-scale photovoltaic power plants,

Connect to high-voltage power transmission system to supply long-distance load.

solar photovoltaic power system B 


1. Flexible site selection, and make full use of solar radiation,

The positive peak-shaving characteristic of the electricity load, which plays the role of peak-shaving;

2. The operation mode is more flexible, and reactive power and voltage control can be carried out more conveniently.

Participating in grid frequency adjustment is also easier to achieve;

3. The construction period is short, the environment adaptability is strong, the operating cost is low, and it is convenient for centralized management.

Due to small space constraints, expansion can be easily achieved;


Maxge concentrated solar photovoltaic solutions

solar photovoltaic power system c 

Basic principles of distributed:

Mainly based on the surface of the building to solve the user’s electricity problem nearby,

Compensation and delivery of power supply balance are realized through grid connection.


Maxge factory roof photovoltaic system

 solar photovoltaic power system d


1. Photovoltaic power is on the user side, generating electricity to supply the local load, which is regarded as a load.

It can effectively reduce dependence on power supply from the grid and reduce line losses;

2. Make full use of the building surface, and photovoltaic cells can be used as building materials at the same time,

Effectively reduce the footprint of photovoltaic power stations;

3. Effective interface with smart grid and micro grid, flexible operation,

It can operate independently from the grid under appropriate conditions.


Maxge distributed solar photovoltaic solutions

solar photovoltaic power system e 

At present, solar energy has entered industry, commerce, agriculture, communications, household appliances

And public facilities and other departments. Its application is mainly divided into the following aspects:

Small household power stations, large grid-connected power stations, building-integrated photovoltaic glass curtain walls,

Solar street lights, wind-solar hybrid street lights, wind-solar hybrid power supply system,

Photovoltaic water pump (drinking water or irrigation), communication power supply, oil pipeline protection,

Optical fiber communication station power supply, seawater desalination system, town road signs, highway road signs, etc.


Traditional energy is in short supply, electricity and gas prices continue to rise,

And the abundant solar energy resources,

Not only is it safe and pollution-free, but also has a good price. It is bound to become the main force in the development of new energy.

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