Low voltage circuit breaker future development

Update date:2017-12-11 Source:MAXGE

With the construction of smart grid and the development of new energy industry, the growth will be stable in the coming years. The main performance is in the following aspects:

(1) the new demand of smart grid construction on a large scale

The construction of smart grid will be implemented in three phases by 2020. The first stage will be 2009-2011, mainly research and pilot. The second stage is 2011-2015, and the smart grid will be implemented on a large scale. The third stage is 2016-2020 to achieve overall improvement and improvement.


(2) investment in manufacturing will drive future growth

Manufacturing is the key application area of low voltage electric appliance industry and one of the top ten key engineering fields of energy conservation and emission reduction. China's manufacturing industry is under pressure from energy conservation measures, which will maintain strong demand for energy efficient control and smart power distribution appliances.

(3) new energy sources such as wind power and solar energy brings the huge demand for medium and high-end low-voltage circuit breaker inverter control system of wind power and photovoltaic power generation and grid technology to a number of core and key technologies such as breakthrough, it is low voltage electrical industry to expand a direction in the future.

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