Civil isolation switch operation

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Isolating switch  is a kind of is mainly used for the isolation power supply, which pour brake operation, connecting and cutting off small current circuit ", no function of arcing switching devices. 


When the isolating switch is in the split position, the contact between the contact can meet the required insulation distance and the obvious disconnecting mark; A switching device that can carry the current under normal loop conditions and the current under the specified time, such as a short circuit. Generally used for high pressure isolating switch, the rated voltage 1 kv disconnecting switch, its working principle and structure is simple, but, because of the large amount work reliability requirement is high, 


the design of substation, power plant, set up and the influence of the safe operation of the larger. The main feature of the isolation switch is the unquenching ability, which can only be divided and closed without load current. The article introduces the function, characteristic, type, application, error prevention improvement, maintenance and common problems of the isolation switch.


I. product overview

Rated current: 32A, 63A, 80A, 100A

Rated working voltage: 50/60hz, AC230V/400V

Product number: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P

Use category: ac-22a


Ii. Product features

It can be divided and connected with load.

The contact opening and closing with bold color display, can prevent the wrong operation;

High electrical life and high thermal stability.

3. Application situation

It is applicable to control and isolation of low-voltage terminal distribution in residential, industrial and construction areas.

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