How does the circuit breaker control the loop

Update date:2017-12-09 Source:MAXGE

How does the circuit breaker control the loop?

1. Should be able to monitor the control loop protection device and its jumping and closing circuit to ensure the normal operation of the circuit breaker.

2. It should be able to indicate the status of the normal closing and breaking of the circuit breaker, and have obvious indication when automatic closing and automatic tripping.

3. After the closing of the closing and tripping, the command pulse should be removed, which is the power to cut off the switch or the trip.


4. In the absence of mechanical anti-jumping device, electric anti-jumping device should be installed.

5. The circuit breaker of the circuit breaker should be connected according to the non-corresponding principle.

6. A warning signal shall be installed for equipment that may have abnormal working conditions or faults.

7. The power supply of spring operating mechanism and manual operation mechanism can be DC or AC. The power supply of the electromagnetic operating mechanism is DC.

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