Maintenance of molded case circuit breaker

Update date:2017-12-08 Source:MAXGE

The maintenance of molded case circuit breaker shall be conducted according to the maintenance procedure. The equipment maintenance procedure is the requirement and regulation of the daily maintenance of the equipment, adhere to the equipment maintenance procedure, can extend the service life of the equipment, ensure the safe and comfortable working environment. Its main content should include:

(1) must strictly follow the instructions to install the molded case circuit breaker;

(2) the enterprises with special requirements for the environment shall adopt corresponding measures to ensure the accuracy of the equipment:


(3) in the daily maintenance, the plastic shell circuit breaker is not allowed to disassemble the parts, find abnormal stop immediately, and not allow the operation of the disease;

(4) strictly implement the cutting specifications specified in the equipment specification, and only allow the parts to be processed directly. The machining allowance shall be as small as possible, and the blank face should be sprayed or painted in advance when casting.

(5) the non-working time should be covered with a protective cover, which should be kept for a long time and should be cleaned regularly, lubricated and emptied;

(6) accessories and special tools should be shelved by special cabinets, keep clean, prevent the injury, and not be borrowed.

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