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Distribution box has small volume, convenient installation, technical performance, special fixed position, configuration features unique, without being limited by the space, the application is common, stable and reliable operation, high space utilization, less land and has the characteristics of environmental effect. Is command power of various components of the circuit to be reasonable allocation of power control center, is a reliable power source is to accept the top, right feed electricity load control links, was the key to obtain users satisfied with the quality of power supply or not.


Distribution boxes are classified according to structural features and USES:

(1) fixed panel switch cabinet, often called switchboard or distribution screen. It is a kind of outdoor switchgear panel block, positive has protective effect, and on the back side can still hit a live part, protection grade is low, can only be used for low power supply continuity and reliability requirements of industrial and mining enterprises, for substation room centralized power supply.

(2) the protective type (i.e. closed) switch cabinet, which refers to a low-voltage switchgear that has been enclosed by all other sides except the installation surface. This cabinet of switches, protection and monitoring control and other electrical components are installed in a closed shell made of steel or insulating material, reliable walls or wall mounted.

(3) drawer open switch cabinet. This kind of switch cabinet USES steel plate to make a sealed shell, the electric element that enters the circuit circuit is installed in the drawer that can pull out, compose can complete a certain kind of power supply task function unit.

(4) power and lighting distribution control box. Mostly enclosed vertical installation. The protection level of the shell is different because of different use cases. They are mainly used as the distribution device for the production site of industrial and mining enterprises.

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