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Time relay is when add (or remove) the action of input signal, the output circuit has been stipulated in the accurate time to produce jump change (or contact) of a relay. A circuit used in a low voltage or small current to connect or cut off the electrical components of a circuit with a higher voltage and a larger current. At the same time, time relay is also a kind of control apparatus which uses electromagnetic principle or mechanical principle to realize time-delay control. There are many kinds of it, such as air damping type, electric type and electronic type.



Time relay is a kind of control charge that realizes time delay control using electromagnetic principle or mechanical principle.

 There are many kinds of it, such as air damping type, electric type and electronic type.

Time relay can be divided into two types: power delay and power failure delay.

The delay range of air damping time relay is large (0.4-60s and 0.4-180s). It is simple in structure but low in accuracy.


When the coil is energized, the armature and pallet are attracted by the iron core, and the instantaneous movement of the contact can be connected or disconnected. But the piston rod and leveraged cannot fall at the same time with the armature, because the upper end of the piston rod attached to chamber of rubber membrane, when the piston rod under the action of release spring downward movement, rubber membrane with concave down, the air gets thinner air chamber above the piston rod by damping effect and slow down. After a certain period of time, the piston rod drops to a certain position, then it pushes the delayed contact action through the lever, which causes the broken contact to disconnect and the moving and closing contact is closed. The time of the relay is delayed by the completion of the action from the coil to the delayed contact. The length of time delay can be changed by the screw adjusting air chamber inlet hole size.

After the coil is off, the relay depends on restoring the spring. 


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