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The ac contactor consists of four parts:

 (1) electromagnetic system, including attracting coil, moving iron core and static core; 

(2) the contact system includes three sets of main contacts and one or two groups of regular open and often closed auxiliary contacts, which are connected with the moving iron core: 

(3) the arc-extinguishing device, the general capacity of the ac contactor with large capacity is equipped with an arc extinguishing device, so as to quickly cut off the arc and avoid the contact of the main body; 

(4) insulation shell and accessories, various spring, transmission mechanism, short circuit ring, terminal, etc.


The working principle :

Electromagnetic suction when energized coil, the static iron core, will be moving iron core and, as a result of the contact system is with the linkage of moving iron core, so core to drive three move contact run at the same time, the contact closure, and connected to the power supply. When the coil is out of power, the suction disappears, and the moving iron core is separated by the reaction of the spring. The main contact is disconnected and the power is cut off.


The use of connection:

First: the general three-phase contactor has eight points, three input, three output, and two control points. The output and the input are corresponding, and it's easy to see. If you want to add a self - lock, you also need to connect the line to the control point from a terminal of the output point.


Secondly, you should know the principle of ac contactor. It uses external power to add to the coil, generating electromagnetic fields. When the power is off, the contact point is disconnected. After knowing the principle, you should be able to understand the contact point of the external power supply, which is the two contact points of the coil, generally at the lower part of the contactor and each side. Other input and output are generally on the top, as you can see. Also note how much the power supply voltage is (220V or 380V), usually marked. And notice that the contact points are often closed or open. If there is a self - lock control, the circuit will work according to the principle.


In electrical engineering. Contactor is a kind of used to connect or disconnect the load of the ac/dc main circuit or large capacity of control circuit of automation switches, main control object is a motor, moreover also used in other electric power load, such as electric heaters, electric welding machine, lighting equipment, contactor can not only connect and cut off the circuit, but also has a low voltage protection/release. Contactor control capacity is large. Suitable for frequent operation and remote control. It is one of the important components in the automatic control system. General contacts can be roughly divided into two categories.

1 .AC contactor. It is mainly composed of electromagnetic mechanism, contact system and arc extinguishing device. The commonly used series are CJ10, CJ12, CJ12B, etc.

 2. DC contactor is generally used to control the dc electrical equipment, the coil has direct current and the operating principle and structure of the dc contactor are basically the same as the ac contactor.

But now the contactor models are being reclassified. It's all AC series...

1; The ac-1 type contactor is used to control the sense of insensitivity or microcircuit.

2; AC- 2 type contactor is used to control the starting and breaking of winding asynchronous motors.

3; AC-3 and AC- 4 contactor can be used to control the start and break of asynchronous motors frequently

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