Frequent tripping and treatment of leakage protectors - leakage protectors

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The following is the method of handling the frequent tripping of leakage protectors:

1. Try the delivery method

Mainly find the residual current action protector itself. The operation method is: cut off the power supply first, then the residual current action protector zero order Mutual inductor.

The load side leads are all removed (the secondary and third-stage residual current action protectors will be removed directly from the line). If the protector is still unable to deliver, it indicates that the protector itself is faulty and should be repaired or replaced. If it works normally, the protectors themselves are not malfunctioned, and then look for the distribution board or line. The way to do this is: start by wiring or ac contactor

Load cut-off, if it cannot be operated, it indicates that there is a fault on the switchboard, should check the roads electrical Whether the equipment is well insulated and the wiring is correct; If the normal operation indicates that there are no failures on the switchboard. When the fault occurs on the outside line, it can be used to find fault spot by dividing line.


2. Intuitive inspection method

Direct search method is the inspector for fault phenomena analysis judgment, to protect the area including and residual current protective device is protected intuitive patrol line equipment, so as to find out the point of failure. The inspection should be carried out on the corner of the line, the branch, crossing, etc. This method is simple and easy to find for obvious fault points. Such as wire break down, pull wire and wire contact and wrong wiring.


3.Numerical comparison method

The numerical comparison method is the aid of Instrument and meter.

Measure the line or equipment and compare the measured values with the original values to find out the fault points. In particular, it is pointed out that when the neutral line of the line is insulated or the neutral line of the equipment is repeatedly grounded, it is easy to cause the total protection to be frequent tripping, while the secondary protector does not trip. In the solution of the secondary protection, the secondary protection should not be taken in the method of switching between the phase line and neutral line.


4 line division

Screening line fault point, can be in accordance with the "end" after the trunk, branch again, first order, disconnect each branch of low voltage power grid lines, only to hours.then trunk, trunk trouble-free, then main can run normally. The branches and ends are then put into operation. Which line is put into operation when the protector tripping, the fault point is on which line, the fault point can be concentrated on this line.


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