Intelligent circuit breaker design

Update date:2017-11-26 Source:maxge


Intelligent circuit breaker is the core of the research status of intelligent circuit breaker intelligent controller, which is also known as electronic trip, the trip and protect microprocessor control unit, etc., are the main basis of intelligent circuit breaker is advanced. DSP + CPLD mode, CPLD can be more simplified the design of the circuit components, simple logic program using VHDL language, by editing the function of the program can achieve some peripheral control circuit, DSP to save space and time, but also can realize serial port expansion, due to thecircuit breaker when shut off, the closing function, produce strong electromagnetic effect, if directly by DSP GPIO pin to drive, external electromagnetic interference may lead to DSP program run fly or reset, the effect of the severely affected the system switch input and output are completed by CPLD, which largely improve the anti-interference ability of the system. Two key technologies to realize intelligent circuit breaker microprocessor with generalization and application of flexible hardware, memory, calculation, look-up table, instruction system is suitable for real-time control, execution speed and a series of advantages, is the core ofintelligent circuit breaker.

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