The principle of leakage protector

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Leakage protector, referred to as "leakage switch, also called leakage circuit breakers, leakage is mainly used in equipment failure, and to a potentially lethal person get an electric shock protection, overload and short circuit protection function, can be used to protect lines or motor overload and short circuit, can be in normal circumstances for the use of line not frequent conversion start.


Leakage protector can according to its protection function, the structure features, installation, operation mode, pole number and line number, actions such as sensitivity classification, here is mainly described according to its protection function and use classification, generally can be divided into leakage protection relay, leakage protection switch and electric leakage protection socket 3 kinds.

1. Leakage protection relay refers to the function of detection and judgment of leakage current without the leakage protection device which can cut off and connect the main circuit function. Leakage protection relay is composed of zero - sequence transformer, tripping device and auxiliary contact point of output signal. It can be combined with the automatic switch of the large current, as the general protection of the low voltage network or the leakage of the main trunk road, grounding or insulation monitoring protection.


The circuit breaker is connected to a single circuit, so the auxiliary contact is connected to the separation trip and disconnecting the air switch, ac contactor, etc., so that it can drop the brake and cut off the main circuit. The auxiliary contact can also be connected to the sound and light signal device, and send out the leakage alarm signal to reflect the insulation condition of the line.


2. The leakage protection switch refers to not only it with the rest of the circuit breaker as main circuit can be connected or disconnected, and has the function of of leakage detection and judgment when leakage occurred in the primary loop or insulation damage, leakage protection switch can be according to the judgment result will be the main circuit connected or disconnect switch components. It is in conjunction with the fuse and thermal relay to form a fully functional low-voltage switch element.


The current type of leakage protection device is widely used, and the leakage protection switches in the market are commonly used in the following categories:

(1) it only has leakage protection and power failure. It must be used with protective components such as fuse, thermal relay and overcurrent relay.

(2) it also has overload protection function.

(3) it has the function of overload and short circuit protection.

(4) it also has short circuit protection function.

(5) it also has short circuit, overloading, leakage, overpressure and undervoltage function.

3. Leakage protection socket refers to the power outlet that has the detection and judgment of leakage current and can cut off the loop. The rated current is commonly below 20 a, leakage current action 6 ~ 30 ma, high sensitivity, is often used in hand-held power tools and portable electrical equipment protection and family, school and other places of civilian.

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