The circuit breaker develops and integrates smart technology to follow the trend of The Times

Update date:2017-11-13 Source:maxge

Circuit breaker can be according to the current size, always the protection on the power line and motor type of technical equipment, the development of science and technology also push it eventually intelligent fusion technology, intelligent circuit breaker are geared to the needs of the market development.


Circuit breaker can be used to allocate electricity, not frequent start asynchronous motor, the protection of power line and motor, when they happen serious overload or short circuit and under-voltage fault can automatically cut off the circuit, its function is equivalent to fuse switch to owe the combination of thermal relay, etc.


At present, in the development and construction of power system, circuit breaker equipment has been widely used. Now, with the rise of smart grid construction, the technical level of the equipment is also required to be higher, intelligent and intelligent, the technology of the circuit breaker is becoming more and more intelligent.

Intelligent circuit breaker is a new circuit breaker secondary system with microelectronics, computer technology and new sensor. Its main feature is the electric power electronics technology, the digital control device comprises the execution unit, replacing the auxiliary switch and auxiliary relay of the conventional mechanical structure. Match the new sensors and digital control equipment, independent operation data, detects equipment defects and fault, issued before the defect into fault alarm signal, in order to take measures to prevent accidents. The intelligent circuit breaker realizes the electronic operation, the mechanical energy storage can be capacitive energy storage energy, and the mechanical transmission is driven by the motor directly, and the mechanical system reliability is improved.


Intelligent circuit breaker is used to control and protect low-voltage distribution network. Intelligent circuit breaker is generally installed in low-voltage distribution DW45 universal circuit breaker cabinet for the general protection. The technical performance of DW45 universal circuit breaker has reached the advanced level of international similar products.

The working process of the intelligent circuit breaker operation is: when the signaling points brake system failure by relay protection devices or by signal operation, the operator work first start the intelligent identification module, judging the current circuit breaker's working conditions, the quantitative control of the adjusting device make different information and automatically adjust the parameters of the operating mechanism, to get adapted to the current system work state movement characteristics, and then make the circuit breaker.


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