MAXGE electronic circuit breaker development trend

Update date:2017-11-11 Source:maxge

With the development of science and technology, all walks of life are the corresponding development, our MAXGE SGM dc plastic shell breaker is widely used, and then we together to discuss the development trend of dc moulded case circuit breaker?


Currently, moulded case circuit breaker is large current direction, energy storage type electric and hand mechanism of swaps, can obviously reduce the thickness of 0 charged operation products to reduce the thickness of the power distribution cabinet, improve the short-circuit breaking index, and double breakpoint basic matching products have high marks broken, improving selectivity trip short resistance index and reliability.


Now, there have been smaller and more cost-effective plastic-shell circuit breakers, which have saved the production cost, reduced the thickness of the products and expanded the use range. In addition, the number of parts is reduced and the shape is simplified to allow for semi-automatic mass production.
With the improvement of production technology, the rated current of the molded case circuit breaker is getting smaller and smaller, and there are already products of 0.1~25A on the market. The technical indicators are also more advanced, and all kinds of performance are improved, especially the shockproof performance. In the development process of the researchers, the product structure is more and more modular, miniaturized, integrated, the structure is more compact, the combination scheme is flexible, and the assembly is more convenient. In addition, the product can also install soft starter, smart detector and so on.


Of course, the trend performance of the molded case circuit breakers also requires relevant technologies to be implemented, such as the technology of contact with the arcing system; Fully selective matching technology; Dc critical current breaking technology; High precision miniaturized mutual inductance technology; Modular technology of motor protection breaker mechanism; Industrial production technology; Dc current testing and protection technology; Electric conduction circuit heating and heat dissipation technology.


As one of the important products in low-voltage industrial electrical appliances, the performance improvement and improvement will further guarantee the safety of power workers and help reduce power accidents.

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