The safety quality of pv dc circuit breaker should not be ignored

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We are using analytical comparison to refer to the risk point of potential fire or threat to personal safety in photovoltaic power station. According to the comparison between the group and the concentration, the maximum difference is the difference between ac and dc cable distance, while ac transmission and dc transmission are significantly different in safety.


Since Edison invented the first electric lamp in 1882, the power supply was direct current, but because the dc boost was very difficult at that time, the power supply was limited to smaller areas. Alternating current (ac) ease of use make it soon formed the mainstream of the power supply network, with many years of technology development, communication power grid development from a few kilowatts to hundreds of millions of kw, voltage grade from dozens of volts to hundreds of millions of volts. Science and technology continue to solve the problem of electric power development, and also guarantee the safety of ac power transmission, making electricity into thousands of households.


Dc power supply is mainly used in the control system and backup power supply of the safety voltage of 48V, or the high voltage long distance dc transmission (plus or minus 400kV). The 1000V dc transmission is accompanied by the development of pv. The relevant electrical equipment has yet to be perfected. Some manufacturers use ac circuit breakersto act as dc circuit breakers

The general use of an unqualified dc circuit breaker will not only cause short circuit, failure, etc., but also can lead to fire, electric shock and so on

Low quality pv dc circuit breakers are prone to aging and can easily be affected by dust. Time is long and danger can occur at any time.

Low quality of dc circuit breaker is not only a waste of cost, efficiency and safety, risk may occur at any time, low quality of products and installation a unstable time bomb in the side.


The safety of photovoltaic power station has been raised to be a big problem in China's energy strategy. In August of last year in large photovoltaic power station operation with high efficiency and reliable power generation efficiency seminar, the national development and reform commission energy research institute, researchers said Wang Si achievements "in the western visited a lot of power station and found a lot of power station in operation after a period of time appear a lot of security problems, and power station quality directly affect the earnings, which is why the bank power station has one of the main reasons for concern for investment.


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