Pv distributed foreground is broad, dc circuit breaker is ready to be issued

Update date:2017-11-03 Source:MAXGE

In the situation of internal and external turmoil, domestic support for distributed pv is more determined, and the subsidy policy is out of order. In the face of the photovoltaic distributed wave, domestic demand will increase greatly. The backdrop of the European Union "double reverse", June 16, held the national energy administration study both "distributed photovoltaic work conference" decorate industrial park of distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration project plan.At the executive meeting of the state council, there are six solutions to the output of the photovoltaic industry. The subsidies are not in place, and the financial difficulties and other problems are more confident in the domestic pv industry. A final version of the policy is expected in August. Distributed projects are already well prepared and will burst once policy opens.


As subsidy policy has become increasingly clear, dc circuit breaker market also gradually see the cloud day, things have improved, domestic enterprises have also bullish on the dc small circuit breaker in the market, the personage inside course of study says, pv integration project is a dc circuit breaker in the important direction in the field of distributed photovoltaic power station construction, operation, the application of dc circuit breaker is not confined to the ship, rail transportation and electric locomotives, dc power supply and power system, etc.

Introduce according to professional personage, the advantage of small dc circuit breaker has a lot of, is tailored for dc and dc users, have special permanent magnetic field blast technology, quick make selective composition table, level 3 current limit, complete and reliable isolation function.

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