Circuit breakers required for high and low pressure

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Due to the circuit breake rwith overload, short circuit and low voltage protection features, has the ability to protect circuit and power supply, so the circuit breaker is widely used in the areas of high and low voltage electrical, using in factories, electric power system, dc power, rail transportation and electric locomotives, ships, etc.

electrical circuit breaker types

Circuit breaker is a kind of very basic low-voltage electrical appliances, both can be used to open or close to normal working current, and also used to open or close a load current or short circuit current.  The use and function of air switch and circuit breaker is similar, just generally empty to use in the circumstance of small load, circuit breaker is used commonly at load relatively larger point of occasion! According to different adopted by arcing medium, the circuit breaker generally divided into high voltage circuit breaker and low voltage circuit breaker, normally we called 3 kv high-voltage electrical appliances, high voltage circuit breaker,including air circuit breaker (commonly known as air switch), vacuum circuit breakers, SF6 circuit breaker, oil circuit breaker, etc. Low-voltage circuit breaker including dc circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker, small dc circuit breaker,  universal type circuit breaker, leakage circuit breaker, such as civil construction electrical design for 220 ~ 380 v voltage, circuit breaker arcing medium is air, therefore calls all of air switch or circuit breaker. But for power systems, it's about recognizing them.

transformers circuit breaker

The low voltage circuit breaker once called the automatic switch, which has some protective functions in the circuit, such as overload, short circuit, undervoltage and leakage protection. It has a wide range of applications, almost everywhere in our daily lives, and it makes our lives secure because of its existence. In contrast, high voltage circuit breaker is an electrical appliance which I don't often contact with. It controls the high voltage circuit and is one of the important electrical components in high voltage circuit. Circuit breaker used in the circuit on or off during normal operation, fault condition under the action of relay protection device, quick disconnect circuit, special circumstances, such as automatic reclosing to faulty line reliably through the short circuit current. A high voltage circuit breaker is a special electrical appliance that is connected or disconnected from a high voltage circuit under normal or malfunction conditions.


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