Small dc circuit breaker

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Small dc circuit breaker for dc voltage to 250 v, rated current 63 a circuit overload and short circuit protection, can also be used as a line of infrequent operation transformation.

Small dc circuit breaker is suitable for the dc system applications such as communications, photovoltaic (pv) system.

Played fast breaking special dc circuit breaker is an important yuan device of rail transit. Power system in power plants, substations and other large capacity, high voltage power system, dc system for relay protection, operation control, signal and emergency lighting audio equipment to provide reliable power supply. Dc circuit breaker as one of the most important components of dc system, its stable and reliable operation directly will guarantee the safety of the power system. Ships in the ship power system and electric propulsion system, dc circuit breaker is one of the important components. To enforce the protection of the fault distribution systems and electrical equipment, adopt many kinds of protection, ensure the safety of the ship power system and electric equipment.

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