The rise of China's photovoltaic industry will actively drive international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation

Update date:2017-10-31 Source:MAXGE

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In may, the Indian prime minister's visit to China has promoted the development of china-india economic and trade cooperation: expanding new energy cooperation such as photovoltaic, which reflects the gradual trend of China's photovoltaic products into the world.

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India's prime minister meets China's photovoltaic giant

Indian prime minister modi met with a number of Chinese photovoltaic giants, and India plans to have 100 gigawatts of photovoltaic installations by 2022, with a total investment of about 88-trillion yuan. The former India has a capacity of about 3GW and a huge future growth. Currently, Marine pv is preparing to invest $214 million in India, and the total investment of the special electrician has reached 145 million yuan.

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Printed and distributed by the state council on promoting the international production and equipment manufacturing cooperation guidance offered to actively participate in the national solar pv projects investment and construction, drive the photovoltaic electric international cooperation capacity and equipment manufacturing. Specific can see Chinese entrepreneurs with India's prime minister, Mr Modi's communication, there are four photovoltaic enterprise, chairman of sea embellish photovoltaic Yang Huaijin, trina solar unstoppable, chint electric NaCunHui and change especially electrician new. The large number and high reception specifications indicate the rise of China's photovoltaic power.


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