The photovoltaic industry is reshuffled, a wave of unflatting, a wave

Update date:2017-10-30 Source:maxge

Photovoltaic industry has been troubled, this year in the United States to China pv "double reverse" has not been solved, the other side of the "double reverse" came to Canada, photovoltaic dedicated dc circuit breaker and therefore "double reverse" event and shoe shoe to suffer;


Canada refers to the surveyed products: originating in or export from China, composed of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules and chips and other parts of the photovoltaic modules including common transportation or packing sheet, and the amorphous silicon (a - Si), 


cadmium telluride (CdTe) or copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) manufacturing of thin-film crystalline silicon products. Product does not include the output power is not surveyed more than 100 w components, chips or thin film products, as well as, not including integrated into other electric products (the function of the electric power products not to generate electricity and consume solar combiner box  electricity generated by pv products) components, chips or thin film products. And the applicant to apply for subsidy program including the content and surveyed the special economic zone to preferential subsidies, 


loan projects, funding projects, income taxes, and tariffs on raw materials and machinery and equipment value-added tax relief projects, the government is lower than the fair market price to provide goods or services (including polycrystalline silicon, aluminum, electricity, solar energy glass, etc.), the land use fee reduction, with higher than the fair market price for selling goods to state-owned enterprises.


However we assumed by the cause of the "double reverse" should think again, this time according to the related personnel of the "double reverse" investigation the main reason is because of China's subsidies and dumping solar pv combiner box Canadian enterprises loss and loss of market share, reduced the employment, and led to many companies in Canada and even collapse.


In the domestic photovoltaic industry is the national energy strategy for one hundred, whether the conduct industry, industry, or enterprise, select the interests of the right to make the country thriving, can one day in the future in the field of photovoltaic (pv) have belong to own a piece of day, in the future to have a say in the field of photovoltaic (pv) and bargaining!


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