The development of power switching system product

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Such a switch power supply system for contactor switch components, a switching function with intermediate relay or logic control module completed secondary loop control function, generally for non-standard products, the disadvantage is that the primary loop contactor work need secondary loop electricity for a long time, easy to produce temperature fever, such as bonded contact, coil burned down. Because of the non-standard products, the components of the components are more, the product quality is constrained by the components, the manufacturing process, the failure rate is higher, and the new products are gradually replaced.
Molded case circuit breaker class
Such a switch power supply system for molded case
circuit breaker switch operating components, switching function complete, with ATS automatic control unit has a mechanical and electrical chain, perfect functions, good operating performance, service life is high, the composition of components is less, convenient installation. This class is a CB level switch electric appliances, as current breaking unit consists of two circuit breaker, and equipped with current trip, have a certain ability to protect, circuit breaker switch on/breaking ability a lot higher than relay.
The steady-state of this kind of product is maintained by mechanical structure, because of the difference between the circuit breaker and the load isolation switch, the application effect in the current situation is not as good as the PC level product.
 Load isolation switch class
Load isolating switch  is a kind of integrated assembly of electric operating mechanism, mechanical chain mechanism and automatic control unit on the basis of two load isolation switches. Current breaking unit for load isolation switch, its contact arc extinguishing system is breaking a arc requirements, do not have protection function of the circuit, this kind of product is PC, it has adopted the spring energy storage, the acceleration of the instantaneous release mechanism, can quickly get through, breaking circuit or circuit transformation, product performance and reliable operation.

 One-piece automatic switching switch appliances
This kind of power conversion system is a combination of switch and logic control, without the need of a controller, the automatic switching switch of electromechanical integration is realized. The contact system of this kind of power switching system adopts the design of "single pole double throw", which is designed and manufactured for uniform design, with small volume and simple structure. This product does not have the current protection function, belongs to the PC class switch switch electrical products. The product conversion time is generally small, switch drive motor drive, stable switch operator motor drive only in the switch moment is energized, do not need to provide the working current when the steady state, energy saving is obvious. The product has no temperature rise heating, contact point bonding, coil burning phenomenon. Switch with mechanical and electrical interlocking device, which can realize the vote since the complex, since the vote from the complex, pressure loss, undervoltage, phase failure protection, manual - automatic conversion, time delay control, switching power supply for the mainstream products.

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