MAXGE-current transformer

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MAXGE-current transformer

Current transformer (referred to as CT), this article will introduce the basic knowledge of current transformers. MAXGE is a professional electrical company. The current transformer of MAXGE will be used as an example.

MAXGE current transformer

The principle of current transformer:

According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, it consists of a closed core and a winding. Its primary winding turns are few, and it is in the line of the current that needs to be measured. Therefore, it often has all the current flowing through the line, and the number of turns in the secondary winding is relatively large. It is connected in series between the measuring instrument and the protection circuit. When the device is working, its 2nd circuit is always closed, so the impedance of the measuring instrument and the protection circuit series coil is very small, and the working state of the current transformer is close to the short circuit. The current transformer acts as a variable current and electrical isolation. It is a sensor for obtaining electrical current information of the primary loop in secondary equipment such as measuring instruments and relay protection in the power system. The current transformer converts the high current into a low current and current. The transformer is connected to the primary system once, and the secondary side is connected to the measuring instrument and relay protection.

current transformer

The role of current transformers:

(1) Current measurement can measure the load current of the primary system.

(2) Metering of electric energy meter to supply active energy meter, reactive energy meter, active power meter, reactive power meter, peak-to-valley demand meter, power factor meter, etc. .

(3) Provide a current signal for the current loop of the relay protection such as inverse time limit, time limit, and differential.

(4) A current loop that supplies the thermal element of the thermal relay.

(5) A current sampling loop that is automatically controlled by a power compensation capacitor.

MAXGE's current transformers are highly accurate and feature a flame-retardant molded case for a safe, metal toroidal core. It is screwed for durability.

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