MAXGE----Motor (Motor) Starter (Protector)

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MAXGE----Motor (Motor) Starter (Protector)

Electric motors are common equipment in the industry. It is very versatile. But there are many places to pay attention to when using the motor. MAXGE motor starter. Motor protection and ease of use are available.

The starting mode of the motor is: full pressure direct start. Auto-decompression starting. Y-Δ starts. The soft starter starts. The drive starts. These methods have different advantages and disadvantages.


一: the advantages and disadvantages of decompression start, soft start, frequency conversion start

Decompression start, the common is the star-delta start, the disadvantage is that the starting torque is small, only suitable for no-load or light-load start. The advantage is that the price is cheap.

Soft start, can set the start time and start initial torque to achieve soft start and soft stop for the device, and can limit the starting current, the price is moderate.

Variable frequency start, can start smoothly according to the set time, and let the equipment run at the set frequency, the price is higher.

二: soft starter and inverter

Both the frequency converter and the soft start device are in the category of buck start. The frequency converter achieves the purpose of step-down startup by changing the frequency.


The soft start is achieved by changing the conduction angle of the thyristor to achieve the starting process from voltage 0 to full voltage. The inverter is fully controlled, and the motor speed can be controlled by the instrument signal at any time. The soft starter can only start and stop the motor. It is the purpose of reducing blood pressure.

The MAXGE motor starter is suitable for AC line voltages up to 690V and currents up to 80A. It can be used as a three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor for overload, phase failure, short circuit protection and infrequent start control. And infrequent load conversion, can also be used as an isolator.

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