MAXGE a company that cares about humanity

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MAXGE a company that cares about humanity

MAXGE is located at No. 299 Changhong East Street, a national high-tech zone in Moganshan. The unique geographical location has created MAXGE's excellent corporate environment.


Moganshan, located in Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is the center of the beautiful and fertile Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou Golden Triangle. The New York Times recommended 45 of the world's most worthwhile places to go, with beautiful scenery and charming scenery. Moganshan is the tail of Tianmu Mountain, with a vegetation coverage rate of 92%, and a green sea. Mogan Mountain is famous throughout the world for its wide variety, high quality and high coverage. In addition to bamboo, there are many trees such as pine, cypress, cedar, camphor, bitter, ginkgo, etc., even in the cold winter, it can keep its mountain star green and exciting. Zhuhai is surrounded by mountains, green trees are fragrant, and spring waters are seen, and the streams are rushing. It is really a quiet place where the winding path is quiet and the zen room is deep. Therefore, the Spring Festival is the golden moment of the Moganshan Scenic Area. At this time, Wanmu is spring, a life is alive, the azaleas are blooming, the mountains are everywhere, the unknown wildflowers are dotted with forests, and the mountain roads are beautiful everywhere. Moganshan is rainy and foggy, and Moganshan after the spring rain is even more fascinating. After the rain, the Mogan Mountain floats above the clouds, and like a fairyland, it provokes visitors to linger. In summer, the Mogan Mountain is cool and cool, and its temperature is often 6-7 degrees Celsius lower than that of the same province, so it has become one of the four summer resorts in China. The trees are shaded, the stream is cool, and there are strange rocks and torrents. It is like a peach blossom source. The sultry has already gone with the clouds. In the autumn, Moganshan leaves are undulating, autumn is full of silence, quiet and safe, it is infinitely delusional, and there is a burst of cinnamon, fragrant and charming. The snowy scenery of Mogan Mountain in winter is another beautiful scenery, wrapped in silver, silver and silver in the ice ditch, and not afraid of cold in the winter.


MAXGE is building a garden-style company. The company's green area is over 20%, giving employees a good working environment. The company promotes people's cultural care, and has a management staff suite and a staff dormitory building. They are all equipped with individual air conditioning. Air can be an efficient water heater. Guaranteed enough hot water for 24 hours. The company vigorously promotes people's cultural care, set up a basketball court, multi-functional activity room, and free canteen in the company. We also carry out employee care activities on a regular basis and give holiday gifts to employees during holidays.


MAXGE adheres to the core of its employees and cultivates talents. Their diligence, tenacity and spare no effort to create and dedication. It is a solid foundation for MAXGE.

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