Molded case circuit breaker Characteristics

Update date:2018-07-26 Source:MAXGE

SGM series molded case circuit breaker with rated insulation voltage800V, applied in the power system of AC50(60)Hz, rated voltage 690V and below, rated current 1250A and below as the transfer not frequently. The circuit breaker has the protection devices of over load, short circuit and under voltage ,it can protect the circuit and power equipment from broken.

moulded case circuit breaker

The mccb can be sorted to C type (basic),L type (standard),M type (high breaking), H type(higher breaking) according to its rated limit short circuit breaking capacity.

The mccb has the features small volume, breaking capacity high, electric arcing short ,anti-vibration. It is the ideal product for application in land and ship.The installation can be vertical or level and the standard conforms to IEC60947-2.

moulded case circuit breaker

The thermomagnetic and electronic molded case circuit breakers produced by MAXGE Electric have the following characteristics:

1 High-quality flame-retardant shell, modular structure, no melting point, no burning, will only gradually carbonize when exposed to fire, safe and worry-free

2 Copper-based contacts, strong conductivity, large current carrying capacity, long electrical life, small contact opening distance and contact stroke of molded case circuit breaker, low operating power, good breaking performance, stable and reliable electrical life, mechanical life Can be up to 20,000 times and rarely breaks.

3 Internal link structure design, reliable realization of product connection and breaking operation, arc extinguishing system design is reasonable and reliable.

4 There are various installation methods to choose from. There are post-board wiring and plug-in installation. They are fixed by mounting screws. Professional installation is required to ensure arcing distance.

moulded case circuit breaker

5 Internal accessory plug-in modular structure, can choose a variety of electrical accessories according to user needs, such as OF auxiliary contact, SD alarm contact, MX or MX+OF shunt trip unit, MN or MN1 undervoltage trip unit, MV over-voltage trip unit, etc., to realize remote monitoring and control of circuit breaker.

6 Volume miniaturization, reducing the size of the complete power distribution unit.

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