Internal structure of the circuit breaker

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Internal structure of the circuit breaker

The article will briefly explain the internal structure and operation principle of the MAXGE circuit breaker, taking the MAXGE L7 circuit breaker as an example.

The internal structure of L7 is as follows:


The circuit breaker is mainly composed of the following parts

One: a breakable contact connection. It consists of a fixed contact and a movable contact. The dynamic and static contacts of the MAXGE circuit breaker use a U-shaped contact structure. The electric power generated by the short-circuit fault current quickly disengages the moving contact. Thereby breaking the short-circuit fault current. With this U-shaped structure, the breaking speed is faster, and the arc can be quickly elongated and thinned during the segmentation process. Increase the arc resistance and quickly increase the arc voltage. Play a limiting role. And the arcing action of the magnetic field on the arc causes the arc to leave the contact faster into the arc extinguishing chamber.

 circuit breaker

 Two: tripping mechanism. MAXGE changed the common beam structure to vertical beam. It ensures the speed of movement after the moving contact is broken, which is beneficial to the rapid transfer of the arc. At the same time, the special design of the moving contact not only improves the product's current limiting capability, but also ensures that the product has a large opening distance, so that the product has the best electrical safety performance. MAXGE is equipped with a tripod with a magnetic solenoid structure for short-circuiting. The moving iron core generates motion under the action of a magnetic field. Fast segmented short circuit current.


Three: arc extinguishing device. MAXGE continues to improve the product structure, making the operating mechanism of the product more compact, and the arc chamber has more space. Therefore, MAXGE designed 13 arc-extinguishing grids and a unique V-shaped structure to make the arc-extinguishing device have better arc-extinguishing capability. This design cools the arc and reduces arc energy. With the magnetic conduction of the 13 grids, the arc enters the arc extinguishing device more quickly.


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Enclosure: MAXGE uses a highly effective flame retardant material that achieves the highest V-0 rating. After 10 seconds of combustion, the flame is extinguished within 30 seconds and no burning material falls.

Copper parts: In the static and dynamic contacts, wiring boards, small brackets and other copper materials, MAXGE uses the best T2 copper (copper content classification: T1 ≥ 99.95%. T2 ≥ 99.90%. T3 ≥ 99.70%, common other brands Basically adopt T3). On the contacts, we use all-silver contacts and have the best contact area.

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