shunt release of circuit breaker

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The shunt release is actually the trip coil. The specified voltage or current can be added to the shunt trip to trip the circuit breaker. With the shunt release, a remote control can be realized through a certain control loop. Generally, the frame type circuit breaker is equipped with a shunt release, and the molded case circuit breaker is optional. It must be submitted at the time of ordering. The control voltage of the shunt release should be proposed when the circuit breaker is ordered. There is also AC and DC, and the voltage is generally 24 ~ (220Vdc) 380Vac.

shunt release

How the shunt release works

The shunt release is essentially a trip coil plus trip unit, and the trip unit is also used for thermal tripping and electromagnetic tripping. The specified voltage is applied to the shunt trip coil, and the circuit breaker is tripped and shredded. Shunt trip units are commonly used in the control of long-distance automatic power-off. The most used now is the fire control to cut off the non-fire power supply.
After the circuit breaker is shunted, it cannot be controlled by remote control immediately. It can't be closed directly. It must be closed after the circuit breaker is re-closed. This is the same as the overload and other trips. The difference between the excitation trip and the electric operation opening.


There are three positions for the operation handle of the circuit breaker. Except for the upper and lower positions that you know, the handle will stay in the middle position after the trip. The so-called re-trip is to pull the handle from the middle position to the sub-position to make the trip. The device is hooked up and then closed.


There are two kinds of AC and DC voltages for the voltage of the shunting coil. The voltage level has various voltage levels. It is the most convenient and simple to use the DC24V fire power supply for the shunting coil power supply when cutting off the non-fire power supply. The shunt trip coil can only be energized for a short time, and it will burn out after a long time; therefore, the normally closed contact of a circuit breaker must be connected in series in the control circuit, and the current of the shunt trip coil is cut off after the circuit breaker trips.

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