The manufacturer introduces three kinds of connection mode of high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

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There are three main wiring modes of high voltage vacuum circuit breakers. It is widely used in other industries, such as electronics. What kind of device is it? As an example, it is a state that converts the state of some electrical equipment and circuits into maintenance. The most commonly used three types of wiring are the ones we should know, which are inserted into the front plate and the drawer type. How does it work? Let's follow up.


It has a remarkable feature that can be replaced or repaired, which is an advantage. You don't have to reconnect and save a lot of things. But because of the particularity of products, the particularity of the structure, when the factory installed according to the requirements set plate and screws, these are special configuration is required, we should be aware that the large capacity of device is reliable, the normal use of its relationship with the breaker or not, prior to installation requires attention to rise, so the requirement of the factory is the need to be carried out in accordance with the it abide by it, can't get it wrong, according to the needs of the factory with instructions to install, it will be safer to use.


If you look at the insertion type, put the installation seat first, the top of the board has six sockets, the connecting plate or the rear of the mounting seat have the bolt mounting seat. When using, place the high voltage vacuum circuit breaker directly into the mounting base. What if the device is damaged? Method is very simple, as long as you pull out the bad change good, or to old change new, replacement is more convenient, also short on time, is the use of personnel's hobbies to choose from.

A common drawer access, and finally it at the time of in and out of the drawer is counterclockwise, or rather, a handle clockwise, above the main circuit and quadratic circuit, using plug-in structure, isolator is omitted, the secondary use method, look very economy. Not only that, but also the operation, maintenance provides a lot of convenience, the security is relatively high, look also increases the reliability.

After the three kinds of connection mode, believe that through the above details to understand somewhat, it is relatively common, plug-in access, plate type after access, drawer access, so their skills is also necessary. But need to know, is different from the theory and practice, is often more difficult in the process of actual operation, need to pay attention to place more, also may have other problems, some traps, still need to pay attention oh, a lot of practice, can do practice makes perfect, avoid mistakes.


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