Photovoltaic power station accident cause

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Photovoltaic power station are generally installed in the wilderness, or on the roof. The natural environment is harsh. Natural disasters and man-made disasters are inevitable. Natural disasters such as typhoons, snowstorms and sandstorms can damage equipment, and small animals such as mice can bite equipment. Cables can also be difficult to be damaged. The thief was cut. The safety of the power station is very important.

Photovoltaic power station

Electricity, commonly known as “electric tiger”, is an invisible and intangible thing that has a big role in modern people’s lives, but it is very dangerous. Photovoltaic power generation projects, whether they are distributed small power stations or centralized large-scale ground power stations, have certain risks. Photovoltaic safety accidents are not uncommon. They have rarely been reported for various reasons.

1. Fire is the biggest accident in the economic benefit of photovoltaic power plants. Once a fire occurs in a photovoltaic power station, it cannot be directly used to extinguish fires. If it is installed on the roof of a factory building or a residential building, it is easy to endanger personal safety.
There are many reasons for fire accidents in photovoltaic power plants, mainly in the following aspects:
1) The equipment and cable are aging or malfunctioning, causing a short circuit;
2) Fuse and circuit breaker selection and improper installation, causing DC arcing;
3) System design defects, cable or switch current carrying capacity is too small, and the local temperature is too high; 

4) Improper construction, electrical equipment screws are screwed Loose, cable joint crimping is not strong, the contact resistance at the joint is too large; or the screw is tightened too much, the cable joint is crimped and deformed, and the contact resistance at the joint is too large.

Photovoltaic power station

2. Natural disasters such as typhoon, lightning strike, ice and snow, dust, etc.   At the beginning of design,  photovoltaic power plants must consider the local climatic conditions, the impact of natural disasters on photovoltaic power plants, and rational design and selection.
For example: a photovoltaic power station in Wenchang, Hainan, was attacked by a typhoon, and almost all components were damaged. The inverter manufacturer is a concentrated inverter for sunlight power supply. It is installed in two steel structure inverter rooms, and the inverter is disconnected in time. Not damaged.

Photovoltaic power station

3. Explosion accidents: Although the explosion accidents of photovoltaic power stations are relatively small, the impact is large, which brings great shadow to the safety of operation and maintenance personnel. The explosion mainly comes from the IGBT and capacitor inside the inverter. A capacitor explosion is powerful enough to penetrate a 2 mm thick steel plate.

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