Is 1.5 air conditioners with 2.5 square wires enough?

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In addition to paying attention to safety in the installation of air conditioners, the choice of air conditioning wires is also very important.mcb breaker, If it is not good, various adverse effects may occur. Many people choose air conditioners that favor 1.5 air conditioners. So, is 1.5 air conditioners with 2.5 square wires enough?

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Air conditioning in the summer is very power-hungry and power is high, so for safety, separate power-off is also the top priority of air-conditioning installation. However, in the selection of air-conditioning wires, many friends do not know whether it is better to choose 2.5 square wires or 4 square wires. Xiaobian listened to the old electrician and said that I was almost cheated at the time!

1. Is 1.5-inch air conditioner with 2.5 square wires enough?

Usually, the hang-ups in the home are basically 1.5 horses. The cooling capacity of 1.5 air conditioners is about 1300 watts, and the maximum power of heating is less than 2000 watts. Therefore, the maximum current of 1.5 air conditioners should be within 10A. Usually, the 10A self-matching line of 1.5 square millimeters is enough, and considering that the decoration line is buried in the wall, the heat dissipation is not good, and the wire diameter can be appropriately increased. So 2.5 squares is fine.

Moreover, the 2.5-square-degree copper core line cut-off flow is 25A. Even the rated power of the 3P machine is only 3800 watts (including the electric shop). The current is 17A. If it is an aluminum core wire, the 2.5-square-cut flow rate is 20A, which can also meet the requirements. . However, when buying a new house, the developers basically installed 4 square wires, which is to take into account the start of overload heating, in fact, one is to obtain greater profits, and the other is because the power of the air conditioner installed by the head of the house is different, in order to facilitate future use. Of course, the bigger the better, the better.

Ordinary home selection is practical, 1.5-inch air conditioning configuration 2.5 square copper wire is enough for daily use. Of course, if you have to configure a 4 square line, in addition to greatly increasing the cost, there are no major problems. Look at your needs! However, if it is a cabinet air conditioner, it is best to configure a 4 square line!


Second, air conditioning installation taboo analysis

(1) Air conditioners, which have only recently emerged in recent years, can bring warmth to people in the winter, and cool people in the summer, but not all people can blow air conditioners.

(2) Some people have a certain allergic reaction to the wind blown out by the air conditioner, and itching and redness appear on the face and body. If it is serious, some small red beans will be produced.

(3) It takes a long time to use, and it is easy to get an air-conditioning disease. The main reason is that the air conditioner can't be on the bedside. When the air conditioner is blown for a long time, the body will have various discomforts, such as dizziness and nausea.

(4) In the summer evening, the air conditioner should not be allowed to face the bed. At night, the metabolism of the body is very slow. If the air conditioner is blown for a long time, it will cause illness.

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(5) Air conditioners can indeed bring warmth and coolness to people, but when air conditioners blow out the wind, they also carry some bacteria, which affect people's health.

(6) If it is on the bed, bacteria and other dirty things will blow to the bed, directly invading the human body, try not to put the position of the air conditioner on the bed.

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