Meter wiring

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Meter wiring

1. Direct access; if the current of the load is small, the current flowing through the current coil of the watt-hour meter is within the rated capacity range of the meter, and the direct access method is adopted.(mccb breaker)

As shown in the following figure: Generally, the cable is connected to 1 and 4, and 3 and 5 are connected. The live wire must be connected to the terminal of the current coil of the meter. In actual use, the wiring method also needs to refer to the wiring diagram on the cover of the meter terminal.


2. After the transformer access method, when measuring the power consumption of a single-phase load with large current, the current transformer is used for current conversion, and the current transformer is connected to the current coil of the power meter secondarily. There are usually two situations:

1 When the connecting pieces on the 1st and 2nd ends of the single-phase watt-hour meter are not disconnected, the secondary K2 terminal of the transformer shall not be grounded. The specific wiring method is as follows:


2 When the shorting pieces 1 and 2 in the single-phase watt-hour meter have been disconnected, the secondary K2 terminal of the transformer must be grounded. The specific wiring method is as follows:


Two, three-phase four-wire active power meter commonly used connection There are two situations, without transformer and transformer:(3 pole circuit breaker

1, direct access method (without transformer), the load current within the allowable range, the wiring method and single-phase direct access is basically the same, but more B, C phase, wiring cover and wiring diagram is as follows:


2, by the transformer access method; by the transformer access is generally the load of the current is relatively large, the meter can not withstand large current, through the transformer to measure the current into a small current, which is the meter can withstand the current access to the meter The current coil is metered. The wiring terminal cover and wiring diagram of the meter are as follows:


Summary: When the transformer is connected, the principle of the current transformer is equivalent to a step-up transformer. If the voltage is high after the second open circuit, the second open circuit is never allowed, otherwise it is a hidden danger to the equipment and life safety.(rccb breaker

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