Electric Meter Common Fault Analysis

Update date:2018-07-02 Source:MAXGE

1, the bakelite junction box burning smell

Electric Meter

There are two main reasons for the burnt smell in the bakelite junction box at the bottom of the meter panel:

First, when installing or replacing circuit wires, the fixing screws in the box are not tightened. When the electrical load increases, the screw posts generate heat due to poor contact, burning the bakelite box and accompanied by a burning smell.

The solution is as follows: Take the lower limbs and pull down the main knife, remove all the power wires, re-scrape the residue of the thread with a knife, and install it in the terminal. Tighten all the screws to eliminate the malfunction.

Another reason is that the poor quality of the wire from the room to the meter causes an oxide layer between the copper post and the wire (especially a power meter installed in a humid environment where it is not ventilated is prone to such problems). The resistance value causes the contact point to heat and damage the junction box.

Solution: Thoroughly clean the terminal box of grease and replace the wires. Sometimes when the power equipment exceeds the actual amperage of the meter, not only the terminal box will be damaged, but the meter may also be destroyed by a strong current. Therefore, when the rated current of the meter is found to be significantly different from the total load of the actual electrical equipment used, the operating time should be staggered or Replace the meter to prevent the meter from being destroyed or an electrical fire.

Electric Meter

2, self-turning when no-load

When the meter is unloaded, it will turn on its own, that is, all electrical equipment and lighting fixtures in the house are not used, and the aluminum plate of the watch is still turning or crawling slowly.

In general, when the power supply voltage is 80% to 110% of the rated value, the rotation of the aluminum plate of the meter will not exceed a circle in the normal range (ie, the turntable rotates clockwise in a circle), but if the aluminum plate rotates slightly, It shows that there is leakage of electricity on the meter line and should be checked by an electrician.

If there is no leakage, it is the fault of the meter itself, which should be promptly sent to the power department to repair or replace the meter.

3, run a "click" sound

When the meter is running, there is a slight "click" sound, which is normal. However, if irregular noises are generated in the watch, it is caused by aging of some parts inside the watch, loosening of some components of the electromagnetic field, or lack of oil in rotating gears. Sent to the power department to verify and replace vulnerable parts. Sometimes, when the meter is under severe overload operation, irregular noise may also be generated. Some appliances should be closed in time to prevent damage to the meter.

power Meter

4, aluminum plate stall or not jump

A power meter is a precision meter. It is strictly calibrated before leaving the factory. Its sensitivity, reliability, and stability should meet certain standards. When the load current is less than 0.025A, the aluminum plate of the meter does not rotate or jump in the normal range. If it is still not rotating at a large load, it is likely that the aluminum plate is stuck, the aluminum plate has been deformed or the electromagnetic mechanism has malfunctioned, etc. Problems should be promptly submitted for inspection.

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