Electronic energy meter

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Electronic energy meter

 As the electronic energy meter has many advantages such as higher accuracy, lower power consumption, smaller starting current, wider load range, and no mechanical wear than the inductive power meter, it is more and more widely used. However, at present, there are many electronic energy meter manufacturers on the market with uneven quality and poor selection. Not only can they not take advantage of the advantages of electronic energy meters, but they will bring undue losses and increase the workload of maintenance and management. The electronic energy meter and the familiar induction energy meter (commonly known as the mechanical meter) have the same place and different place, and there are more different places, especially the interior of the watch.(circuit breaker

Electrical, power meter

 The inductive power meter is powered by electricity. Magnetic induction components, which are iron core, iron ring and mechanical transmission device; and electronic energy meter is mainly used electronic components, namely: resistance, capacitance plus integrated circuits. Therefore, the choice should be based on this feature of the electronic energy meter. In other words, we must choose the technical requirements of electronic equipment, and we cannot simply copy the technical requirements of the previous use of mechanical energy meters to select electronic energy meters (of course, there are also places where we can learn).


Accuracy requirements include tests of current and power factor changes, voltage changes, frequency changes, start-up tests, potential tests, and run-away tests. These tests can be performed by municipal and county-level power supply companies. Electronic power meter in the provisions of the load range of the program, the general linearity is better, but different manufacturers of the actual accurate measurement of the load range of the table is very different, because the actual load current is constantly changing the site, can accurately measure the load The wider the range, the better the table's load performance. In some areas of rural areas, the voltage fluctuations of the power grid are relatively large. Pay attention to the error of the power meter when checking the voltage fluctuation limit. In particular, the light-load error at low voltage and the power meter's ability to walk are strong. The DC supply voltage in the checklist cannot fall below the operating voltage of the meter and the chip. The ripple of the DC power supply cannot be significantly increased.

Electronic energy meter

Accuracy requirements also include, for example, harmonics, external magnetic induction, and high-frequency electromagnetic fields. In general, municipal and county-level power supply enterprises do not have the necessary conditions for inspection, and they can be examined by provincial-level power test institutes.(rccb

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